Embedding and Event List layout problems

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:02 pm
Hi John and Tanner:

I'm making good progress working out the kinks after having embedded (pasted) CalendarPro12 into my solution. One persistent problem is the Event List layout: despite my having correctly remapped all fields, the layout does not display events from my SampleEvents TO.

Reviewing my steps, I note that I followed the instructions at


in particular Step 7 ("Layouts, Part 1"), including the following:

to create that first layout: Create the layout and then visit Layout Setup and uncheck the box beside "Show field frames when record is active". ... Keep duplicating and renaming layouts making sure to switch "Show records from" to match the associated table shown in the list below. ... Once you're done, go through and make sure these layouts have exactly the same names as the ones in SeedCode Calendar, and that the headers and footers are deleted from each.

But then I also note, near the bottom of this page, under "Next Steps," the following ominous tip about the Event List layout:

You may have unmapped fields here as well. Also be sure to enter layout mode and double check the summary parts on the Event List.

This is where I think my problem lies, because my EventList layout, per the directions in Step 7, only contains 1 part: the Body.

Further, when I click on the link to the EventList documentation page, I see the following unsettling result:


Can you help me figure this out?
SeedCode Staff
SeedCode Staff
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Looks like we have some documentation to update. Sorry for that dead link. As far as getting your layout working it will probably be easiest if you model your event list layout after ours. I would recumbent copying and pasting our layout onto yours (once you create the layout parts to match). Once the content is pasted in you can double click on each field to change it so it references your corresponding field. You will also want to check the Pro Calendar file for how each sub summary part is set up and match those settings in your file but using your corresponding fields instead.

So after the header you should have a...
Sub-summary that is sorted by "DateStart".
Sub-summary that is sorted by "Status".
Sub-summary that is sorted by "Resource".
Then your body part (this will contain your data fields, whatever you want to display i.e. description, date, time etc.)
Trailing Grand-Summary (this is used to fill blank space if any exists).

Keep in mind that none of this is really necessary to display the information, it just makes the display a bit nicer and more organized. All you really need is a body part with your fields on them. My guess is that you may not have the layout associated with the proper TO or maybe the fields on the layout are not pointing to the correct TO.

Hope that helps,
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:09 pm
Will go to work on it. Thanks!

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