US Date Format not changable?

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Hi John

Even though I have change all files to use the current system settings for the date format before I uploaded them to the server, I still have the US date format when I create a new letter (ie. the window is called Untitled 7/16/2008).

But when I add a date with the Date Symbol or with the Current Date menu, it is actually correctly formated with 16/07/2008.

I checked all the scripts and fields, but they all use the Get (Current Date) function. It seems a bit strange?

Have you got any suggestions how to fix this?


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:44 pm
Sure thing. You can change the way dates are handled in two places:

First, in the text of letter, emails, and labels you can use the Functions in fmSpark to format dates in any manner you need to. When composing text click "Merge Field" in the fmSpark header and use the field at the top of the list to choose "Functions". You'll see our date functions there and you an format the date any way you wish. See this page for more info: ... /Functions

Second, when it comes to the window name, select "Settings" from the fmSpark menu and then click the "Developer" icon. Select the "Naming Formats" tab and you'll see that these names are just FileMaker calcs: change the calc as you see fit, perhaps to this:

"Untitled" & " " & Let ( n = Get ( CurrentDate ) ; Day ( n ) & "/" & Month ( n ) & "/" & Year ( n ) )

Hope that helps.
John Sindelar

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