Campaign management?

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I like the look of this. We looked at building something similar for ourselves but decided it was too complicated to be worth our while. My question is, is there anything built in that allows you to do campaign management? Typically, this would the ability to track responses (eg orders but it could just be enquiries) and show response rates for different campaigns, which in turn could be composed of several mailings.

So I'm assuming there's nothing built in. But could you give some guidance about how fmSpark might be used with this purpose in kind?
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Good questions. You're right that there isn't anything like this build into fmSpark, though you can certainly add this kind of thing. One reason this isn't built in is that some of what you'd be looking for here would be attached to your contacts' database, not to fmSpark. (Things like a contact's order history, records of their incoming calls to you, their responses, etc.) Of course fmSpark is designed to attach to *your* contacts' database, so we only have the simplest example contacts file included with fmSpark.

That said, there is a record in fmSpark for the "mailing" and it includes the number of recipients, etc. You *could* add some aggregate data to that record and treat it as your "campaign" but I might suggest that you create a separate campaign table and consider mailings in fmSpark as activities on a campaign.

(For example, the campaign might be to reach out to people who purchased recently, but you may accomplish this with several different mailings in fmSpark, using different templates for people whom you've contacted recently and another template for your first email contact with a customer.)

Finally, you may want to begin tagging the links *in* your emails with campaign variables so that your campaign names show up in Google Analytics.

Hope that helps.
John Sindelar

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