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i have installed and double checked the scripts and what not for fmspark. When i find a set of contacts in my database and run any of the scripts, spark only finds the last contact in the list of found contacts set. it has only 1 contact selected, not the entire found set. i see some comments in the script for sending the found set to spark but didnt see any code to go with it. i even copied the top lines from the new mailing template that didnt appear in the others.
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So this is probably just an oversight in your editing of the "create..." scripts that you imported from Sample Contacts into your file.

In each script there is a loop and within that you edited a Set Variable step, using the name of your Contact ID field instead of the one that was there. But you likely replaced the whole calc with your ID whereas you should have left everything *else* and just replaced the contact ID part.

So your Set Variable probably looks like this now...

Contacts::Your ID Field

Whereas it should look like this:

Contacts::Your ID Field
& ¶ & $recordIDList

Make that change and you should be all set.
John Sindelar

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