How to insert an image in a letter template

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Hi Guys

I'm having trouble following the instructions for inserting an image into a letter template. The FMSpark manual says that you can "click in the appropriate image field" from the letter template layout. However, only the top left image box seems to make any difference to the preview (ie images put in any of the other boxes do not appear in the preview). Also, how does this grid of images correspond to the letter layout? I'm trying to put an image centre top above all the letter body text (I can achieve this by putting the image in the top left image grid - the one with the word Header beneath it) but I cannot add an image part way through the text on the left hand side.

Cheers for your help : )
SeedCode Staff
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Hi Jonathan,

The image grid represents the 12 possible images fmSpark can associate with a letter. The "Letter" layout that ships with fmSpark only makes use of one of these (in the header). To use more you'll need to edit the "Letter" layout (or make new layouts) and tell the layout where to use additional images: you'll do this by placing instances of the repeating field "_MESSAGE::ImageArray" on your layout.

Each repetition of this field corresponds to one of the possible images in the grid.

Getting the image on the layout isn't really the hard part: it sounds like you want the text to wrap around the image. You can either do this by adding lots of tabs and spacing to the text block already there (which seems tedious), or by creating additional regions of text and placing them on the layout: possibly one above, one beside, and one below your new image.

You add new text areas to the layout in much the same as you add new images: each text area is a repetition of the field "_MESSAGE::TextArray".

Finally, you'll want to visit the Layout record (Settings / Layout) for your layout to teach it that there are new text and image regions and to name them so that they show up on the "compose" letter screen as available regions / images.

Hope that helps.
John Sindelar
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Excellent explanation - many thanks for your response.

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