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Hi guy, CC Calendar looks really cool.

I am no expert with FM, but I am wondering why all fields of Appointments.fp5 are indexed. Isn't there a perfomance penalty? Is it really neccessary to index every field?
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Hello Ross,

(Thanks for registering with the forum.)

There are only 6 data fields in Appointments.fp5 and 3 of these (ApptKeyDate, ApptKeyInitials, and ApptPrimeIDX) have to be indexed because they are used in relationships. The others are indexed to make it easier to perform finds on these fields.

Indexing does result in a performance penalty when it comes to importing records into a file (where they must be indexed as well as imported) and there are some file size constraints when considering to index a field.

However, from the standpoint of a user, however, indexing results in improved performance when it comes to searching as FileMaker searches (and sorts) indexed fields much more quickly.


John Sindelar

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