Printing More Information for Each Appointment (FM6)

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Since the calendar's month view only shows a limited amount of text for each appointment, you'll likely want to print right from the Appointments file if you wish to see more about each event.

To do this, select "Appointments.fp5" from FileMaker's Window menu. Then perform a find for the records you wish to see (you may need to open the status area first by clicking on the little rectangle to the left of the word "Browse" at the bottom of the screen).

Once you've found the record you wish to print, select "ScriptMaker" from FileMaker's Scripts Menu and run the script "Print Daily View Part 2". This will print all the appointments in the found set with page breaks after each day. You can reformat this print layout as you see fit by modifying the "Print Daily View" layout in Appointments.fp5.

John Sindelar

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