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In order for multiple people to see the same message I want to add multiple participants. For example if a manager is out of town everyone should know. I realize you could use the shift key to select more than one person but that is a hassle. What if I wanted to add everyone? Control A won't work. Copy and paste doesn't work either. Am I missing something or would this take special programming?
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Hi Dave. The calendar supports multiple participants, and in FM6 assumes you'll use the shift-click method of selecting more than one person. If that is a pain, the easiest thing is to switch the field from a popup list to checkboxes. (You'll have to move some things around on the layout to get the extra room.) We use checkboxes in the FM7 calendar and it works quite well.

If you want a quick way to add everyone, you could put a little button on the Calendar Utility layout used for editing appointments. Have the button set PopUpApptLinkInitialsGlob to:

ValueListItems(Status(CurrentFileName), "Staff Initials")
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