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Support, Tips and Mods for Matt Navarre's SearchResults technique.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:06 pm
Ok, so i have set up the solution before on a solution we have here. We have a second database with other info in it that i was setting up as well. I followed the steps all in the exact same way, yet i am getting "no results" back. and i am searching data that i KNOW is in the database. Any quick checks for me. I must have missed something small. but can not get it figured out. I would be happy to provide any data that might help. Thanks in advanced.
SeedCode Staff
SeedCode Staff
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:20 pm
Check out these troubleshooting tips. If nothing there seems to help, feel free to email me the file (john at or email me so we can set up a screen sharing session and we'll get it straightened out.
John Sindelar

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