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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:47 am
In the demo program set $$ sr Close Name Match to 1

Do a search on Bob

You get "... and 42 more contacts " for Bob- when click on this you get the correct list.

But you also get ".. and 26 more contacts" for Robert - when you click on this option you do not get the correct list. You still see the Bob list.

When you do a search on Robert, you can get the correct list view for Robert, but not the correct list view for Bob.

Is it supposed to behave this way?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:48 am
Yes. This is a known issue when fmSearchResults has performed more than one kind of search in the same table: such as when it has done name substitution.

The individual results work correctly when clicked on, but the "... and X more" links always use the first search performed in that table, in this case the Bob search. In this example if you need to see the additional 26 contacts for Robert, you'd need to run your search again, this time searching for Robert instead of Bob.

The idea with the name substitution is to show you that there are results under a name you hadn't thought to search--and hopefully to show you the record your looking for in the top 10--but we can't get the "... and X more" link to understand that we're showing more than one result set from the same table.

However, while replying to your message here we were working on a way to send users a message about this, and we've figured out how to replay the search correctly and fixed this. A new build containing this change is now available for download and I've sent you a new download link for it: just copy all the script steps from the script "Navigate To Result" from the fresh file and paste them into your version of the same script, replacing all script steps.

Thanks for suggesting we take another look at this!
John Sindelar

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