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Hi there

I am still using this fantastic product.

Is it possible to constrain the found set easily? Where abouts in the script can I put a constrain step?

The reason for this is we have different users searching the tables. I would like admin users to see the Pending and Active results while general users would just see the active results.

We have a field for this, 'status', in most of the tables.

I thought I could write a script step that would see constrain the results based on which table the results where from.


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Hi Stephen. I'm glad you like using fmSearchResults. While we continue to support existing deployments, I'm afraid we no longer sell fmSearchResults. Matt Navarre, the author of fmSearchResults is working on a new version and I suggest you get in touch with him. While there is not a "constrain found set" option built in, I believe this is something Matt Navarre has added for come of his custom deployments.

For your reference, all of our fmSearchResults documentation is here: ... rchResults

For more information or customization, you can reach Matt Navarre at MSN Media:

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