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I have updated my Macos 10.8.5 server, with the 1.3406 version of Zulu, i can publish, but when i am login in ical, it is return that a CalDav calendar is found, but my login or password is incorrect.
XML, and all the other service are checked in the security parameter of my filemaker file.
SSL is not checked in the FileMaker Server Advanced admin console (11.0.5).

The Catalina Log return that :

2013-09-18 16:04:28,009 [TP-Processor3] [/zulu] - 18 sept. 2013 16:04:27 com.prosc.servlet.ServletUtil credentialsForRequest
INFO: no auth provided, use defaults
18 sept. 2013 16:04:28 com.prosc.fmpjdbc.FileMakerException <init>
INFO: com.prosc.fmpjdbc.FmXmlRequest$HttpAuthenticationException: Invalid FileMaker user account and/or password. Make sure that the FMXML extended privilege is enabled for this account. Please try again - username 'ReadOnly' () username: ReadOnly / requestUrl: http://localhost/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.x ... able&-view
18 sept. 2013 16:04:28 com.prosc.webdav.WebDAV service
ATTENTION: Error handling GET request for /zulu/calendars/PROSPECTOR/145523541141: com.prosc.webdav.NeedLoginException

When i am login with a web browser, i get this message : " An error occurred while handling request /zulu/calendars/PROSPECTOR/ "
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Thanks for your note Patrice. Zulu is now being supported by 360Works, our co-authors on this project. I've emailed your request to them at and you should be hearing back shortly.
John Sindelar

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