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I'm hosting my solution on pointinspace and I don't have direct access to FM Server. I'm sure they can install a server script schedule for me, but would it work just as well if I add an "Install OnTimer Script" step (to run the Auto Processing script) within GZH's "On Connection From Mobile" script?

I assume I could put that step between the Perform Startup step and the Exit Script step.

Or would there be a better place to trigger that? I just want a way for GZH to know to run the auto processing script every minute or so - ideally without needing access to FM Server.



PS - I haven't used Install OnTimer before, and it occurred to me that if that ran every time there was a mobile connection, it might generate multiple schedules that would eventually create a problem. So I guess I'd wrap it in an If that would test for a global variable like $$auto and set it to 1 once the Install OnTimer had ever run. What do you think?
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Hi Lee,

On-timers are scoped to the window they are called in and destroyed when the window closes. So you can't use them in this case.

Three options:

- You can round trip instead of push as that action includes inbox processing.

- You can trigger the process inbox script via web publishing by sending an Open URL script step near the end of the sync process.

- You could move the "scheduled script" from the server to a client, running it as an On-Timer on some client machine, maybe a robot machine specifically designed for this task.

Setting up a sever-side script is by far the most reliable (outside round-trip, but that means your iOS device is essentially running the processing script, which could be slow).

Hope that helps,

John Sindelar

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