How do you allow access to GZH without authentication?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:44 am
How would I configure GZH and FM Go to allow a user to sync without having to enter their account name and password each time? I'd prefer that they authenticate to open the mobile solution but that all subsequent syncs occur with no further authentication required.

I may have answered my own question because currently my mobile solution doesn't require authentication to open. If it did, maybe the account name and password would pass through to GZH?


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Hi Lee,

Yes, if the mobile solution and the hosted solution share the same accounts and passwords, the mobile will try to pass it's authentication up when it connects to sync. But for this to be seamless for your user, all 4 files involved need the same accounts and passwords:

Your Local File
Your Hosted File

We usually only secure the hosted files and let device security secure the local ones. I'll post our approach here for others reading this thread as it seems you've likely read this already: ... 3.Security


John Sindelar

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