Installing a Zynced file for the first time on a fresh iPad

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First of all, I am really digging GoZync. Thanks for building it!

I'm doing my due diligence in trying to figure out how to integrate GoZync into my field applications (so I'm using the free version right now). I have successfully loaded GoZync onto my server and have integrated a FMGO app to transfer information to the server.

So my question is:

1. How do I add my field form app to show up in the Zynced Apps download list?
2. When I sent a snapshot link and the user installs GoZyncMobile, I am assuming that the copy of the GoZyncMobile application it pulls is the one off the server?

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Hey Aaron,

1. That information appears after the first sync: the data is pulled down to mobile based on the configurations you set up in GoZyncHosted.

2. You don't want to use a snapshot to install the file the first time. After the first time GoZync can manage the deployments for you, but the first time we have some notes about how to deploy here: ... obileFiles

Hope that helps,

John Sindelar

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