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I have a file w/ 9 related tables.
I set up a Zync layout with all of the fields from the related tables excluding UUIDs and gz
In the GZH integration all related tables are recognized and checked OK

When I run a Zync this file script only the main table is zynced successfully.
No records are synced on the related tables...

Previously, I had each table synced on its own layout and everything zynced OK.
I am looking to zyncing one layout and hopefully improve on the speed...
Please advise...included is a screen shot from the integration.
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First, are you sure the related records aren't syncing? Or are they synching but just not being related back to their parent records?

See if anything in the "Related records not syncing" section in this article applies: ... leshooting

You should also decide if related syncing is really what you want to do, because in most cases syncing as separate tables is much faster. This article describes some great ways to improve speed: ... ync3.Speed

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