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We have several FileMaker Go apps deployed, both using GoZync. One of the apps continues to sync with our FileMaker Server. However, the other, which has been working correctly for about a month, has started giving Error 802 messages on several but not all of our iPads when attempting to sync. Both apps use the same server and GoZync files.

What things should I start looking at to troubleshoot this problem?

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Hi Steve,

Error 802 means "Unable to open file". It might be the GoZyncMobile file that isn't opening on those iPads for some reason. Make sure that file exists on those iPads, that it hasn't been renamed, and that it can be opened (try opening it manually). Make sure the "GoZyncMobile" External Data Source entry in the mobile file is correct (you'll need to move a copy of that file onto a desktop computer and open it in FM Pro to check that).

It might also be that those iPads just aren't able to open one of the hosted files. Make sure the iPad has a network connection and can see your server. Try opening the hosted files manually from the iPad. Make sure the "GoZyncHosted" External Data Source entry in GoZyncMobile is correct.

If you can't figure it out, I'd be happy to have a look at your files. You can send them to me with full-access login info at


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