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PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 10:36 am
I left all the defaults for deleting records as my users are working with small found sets (1-5 records per day). However, when a user Syncs, I need the mobile file to delete any records that no longer match the filter criteria from the GoZyncHosted (which is current date & current inspector).

This means any leftover record (from previous days) on the iPad that has or hasn't been modified (on the iPad) should be deleted if the date <> current date.

So my question is....Is GoZync supposed to natively work like that (and I jacked it up somehow) or do I need to modify something to get it to do that?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Nina,

Yes, that is how GoZync works natively - records on the mobile device that don't match the filter criteria you set up in the "Filter Records To Zync" script in GoZyncHosted will be deleted from the mobile device when it syncs. I'd say double-check your filtering rules in that script and make sure they're working as expected. If you can't get it to work, send your files to me at and I'll have a look.


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