Error 100 when syncing from ipad

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My apologies if this is really basic but i am as new as it gets..

I have integrated as per instructions into a new file with only 3 synced user fields and everything works fine when running the syncs within Filemaker Pro - GTRR passes fine.

However when i run the sync from the ipad i am getting Error:100 "there doesnt appear to be a branch in the script..." & when the OK button is pressed to clear the message i get an error that not all the files are open.

I have been through the scripts looking for errors but to no avail thus far - can anyone help?

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Hi Ian. Open External Data Sources in GoZyncMobile and make sure the network paths to the hosted files are valid for what the iPad would need to find them (not just the local/relative paths that would only work on your desktop). Then make sure the files that are on your iPad are the latest versions with all the right settings. If you can't figure it out, send me your files at and I'll have a look. -Jeff

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