Updating to GoZync 5.06

Help, Tips, and Tricks for deploying GoZync: our "sync" engine for FileMaker Go.
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First, make a reliable backup of your files, just in case any of this doesn't go smoothly for you. Then make sure you've already updated your GoZync files to version 5.05. Version history and migration instructions are here.

Then, download the latest version of the GoZync files here.

Replace your copy of GoZyncHosted with the new GoZyncHosted file from the 5.06 download package. This file contains script updates to support a "Pull" sync on more than 25,000 records or so (when the script parameter passed between client and server would exceed PSOS's 1-million-character limit). Next, select “Relogin” from the Scripts menu in this new GZH file to log in as “administrator” (using the default password shown on the "License Admin" screen), and make these three changes:

1. Re-enter your license information. If you don't have it, contact us at support@seedcode.com with either your original order number or the email address you used to make the purchase and we'll look it up for you.

2. On the “Downloads” screen, delete “GoZyncMobile” and “WorxMobile” (you'll upload your own mobile files after you've completed these updates).

3. Edit the "Call Test GTRR in their Hosted File" script. Change the Perform Script step to run the "TEST Go To Related Records (Parent and Child To Test)" script from your hosted file.

Update the following four scripts, two in GoZyncMobile and two in your hosted file. Don't delete the scripts themselves; rather find each of these scripts in your files, use the "Select All" command to select and delete the entire contents, then copy/paste the updated contents from the same scripts in the new files. Here are the scripts that need to be updated this way:

From GoZyncMobile:
PSOS Config
Get IDs to Pull From Host, Delete Records On Mobile That Have Been Filtered Out PSOS

From WorxHosted:
GoZync Call From GZM
Get IDS Needed For Sync PSOS

That's it!

Here are all of the changes made GoZync 5.06:

Edited "Locked: Set PSOS Result (result)" script to fix PSOS/>1m character limit bug
Edited "Locked: Get PSOS Result" script to fix PSOS/>1m character limit bug
New "LogDevices" TO and "LogDevices" layout to support edited scripts above
Modified "Upload Mobile Files" utility layout to prevent user access to data

Edited "PSOS Config” script to clarify integration requirements
Edited "Get IDs to Pull From Host, Delete Records On Mobile That Have Been Filtered Out PSOS” script to support PSOS bug fix

Edited "GoZync Call From GZM" script to support PSOS bug fix
Edited "Get IDS Needed For Sync PSOS" script to support PSOS bug fix

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