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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:26 am
Hi There,

Is there an easy way to release an update to the mobile file for testing purposes. I want to release an update for beta testing but when in this mode only those on the testing team can download the updated file.

If non testing users try checking for update I want it to say there is a version in beta testing and to try checking again once beta testing is complete.

Has anyone done something similar and if so how did you achieve this?

Many thanks,
SeedCode Staff
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:00 am
Hi Simon,

That's an interesting idea. I'm thinking the best way to implement this would be to create a separate "beta" file named differently and distribute it to your beta testers like you did the first time with your original mobile file. This file would be maintained as a "separate solution", but it would still link to your main hosted file. Once the users have the "beta" file, they can get updates for it just like they would the main file.

Here's our documentation with instructions on setting up multiple mobile files: ... tipleFiles

Then, you could set up a script that notifies just the beta users when there is a new beta file available. This could be set to check a record in the hosted file that you flag when there is a new beta available. This script could then open the beta file that is already on their device and start a check to download the new version of the file.

And if you'd like help implementing this, we would be happy to do so as part of an implementation package. Packages can be used for consulting, coaching, or modifications like these and start at blocks of 3 hrs for $190/hr. When the time comes, you can use this link and, with a day or two notice, we can schedule some time to work with you: ... onpackages

Let me know if that helps!



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