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Notes on our latest calendar for FileMaker 13,: DayBack
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To update please download the latest version of DayBack here:

Update the following scripts in your current DayBack File (Your file if you have done an embedded integration), but don't delete the scripts themselves. Rather, use the "Select All" command to select and delete the entire contents of each script, then copy/paste the updated contents of each script from the new version of DayBack into the corresponding scripts in your DayBack file. Here are the scripts that need to be updated this way:

Get Webviewer Calendar FilePath
Set Webviewer ({Message})
Restore Webviewer Files ({NoDialog ; UpdateDirectory})
Build Repetition List ( Repeat_StartDate ; Repeat_Rule )
Submit Event From WebViewer
Create Edit Delete Event ( SourceNo, Operation ) { Hide, DateStart , DateEnd , TimeStart … }
Substitute Character Disctionary (renamed $sc_Quote to $sc_QuoteSub)
Install Update From WebViewer
Version Check
Adjust Window

We made one small change to the "Upon Opening" script if you haven't modified this script you are welcome to just copy the contents of the script and paste into your file as you have been doing with the other scripts. If you made changes please add a "Perform Script" script step that runs the script "Version Check" as shown in the image below.
upon-opening-addition.png (91.23 KiB) Viewed 5241 times

The following changes are entirely optional but for the sake of keeping your file entirely in sync with the latest version you are welcome to:

Delete the script "Check Version For WebViewer"

Remove the version number from the top right corner on the "Calendar Home & Feedback" layout as well as the "Webviewer: Under The Hood" layout.
remove-build-number.png (124.87 KiB) Viewed 5241 times

On the "Related Source No 2" layout we have the title improperly reading as "Related source No 1: sample projects". You can change that to "Related source No 2: sample projects".

Finishing Up:
If you haven't already, navigate to the "Settings" tab in the calendar sidebar and click "Account Settings". Click "Check For Updates". This button should change to "Install Update" and inform you that version 8.96 is available. Click "Install Update". That's it, enjoy DayBack 8.96.

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