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Notes on our latest calendar for FileMaker 13,: DayBack
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DayBack user Robert Parker told us about a really cool alternative method for printing your DayBack calendar view. It uses the "copy from Preview Mode" FileMaker trick, but with a couple of twists. Robert wanted to accomplish three things: reduce the point size of the text (for aesthetic purposes, and to show more events per day), make the buttons disappear (Day, Month, Week, etc.), and add his company logo.

His script first navigates to a different layout where the calendar webviewer is four times its original size (to effectively reduce the text size to 1/4), then it runs the Copy step from there (after Print Setup, Pause and Preview). The script then goes to another layout which is set up for printing on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, and includes the container field where the contents of the clipboard can be pasted, as well as some white rectangles strategically placed to make the calendar buttons disappear and another container field showing a company logo. That container field is positioned to consider the print margins of the output device. The script then applies the desired Zoom Level, Print Setup and prints the layout.

Nice work, Robert!
The layout
robert_parker_2.png (150.49 KiB) Viewed 7502 times
The script
robert_parker_1.png (343.81 KiB) Viewed 7502 times
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Here's a screenshot of the web viewer that I used to take the snapshot of the "Big" calendar. It's 22 x 17 inches - double the horizontal and double the vertical measurements of a standard piece of paper:

Big.jpg (205.91 KiB) Viewed 7362 times

Once I've got a picture of this on my clipboard I then move to a different layout and paste it into a container field that's the size of a normal piece of paper (and place the logo where I want while blocking out the unwanted "stuff" as well). The size of this container on this layout can be adjusted to best suit whatever printer you ultimately use to adjust for different margins, etc.
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Excellent, Robert! Thanks for posting this script for others to use; much appreciated! =)
John Sindelar

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