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I had a quick question about linked contacts in the calendar. I set up a relationship that links my Events Table with my Contacts Table by way of the key field __PK_Contact_ID.
I set up the Source No 1 and mapped all of the fields necessary (except for Gnatt). I also mapped both fields in the Related Source No 1 (although the name field is a calculation for First_Name & " " Last_Name).
When the Contact ID is populated in the event table I can see the name associated with the ID. I am having a problem with the search functionality, however - I receive no results when I perform a search.

Any ideas? Ive check out the docs on Linked Contacts And Projects with no mention of the search function.

One more question, since I have you here (off topic) - is there a way to chance the name of "status" on the calendar event? I want to color code my calendar by appointment type v/s status. Im already going to record a "visit status" field - show or no-show. Im guessing this functionality may not be customizable, but I thought I would ask anyways.


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Hi Jared. Sounds like you've set up your contacts correctly, so I'm not sure why that contact feature wouldn't be working. There was a bug that was fixed in the latest release (9.11) that might explain it. Make sure you download 9.11 if you have an earlier version. If you still can't figure it out, send me your file at and I'll be happy to have a look.

You can change many of the labels in DayBack, including "Status". Read the "Can I Modify the Field Labels..." section on our "Translation" page here for guidance: ... ranslation

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