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Notes on our latest calendar for FileMaker 13,: DayBack
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Please back up your file before making any changes.

Our scripts reference the "SampleEvents" table. For the update to go smoothly please rename your events TO (Table Occurrence) to "SampleEvents". Once you are done with the update process you can rename the events TO back to whatever it was before. See the screenshot below:

events-to.png (67.89 KiB) Viewed 5016 times

To update to version 9.61, begin by downloading the latest version of DayBack here:

You should follow these instructions if you have done the embedded integration or the linking integration and you don't want to perform the integration all over again.

Normally our updates don't change so many FileMaker Scripts (most don't change any scripts) but this version adds a whole new view to DayBack (the gantt chart or "horizon" view) and we needed to include that in a lot of the settings scripts you use to customize DayBack. We apologize for all these changes, but they're worth it--and subsequent enhancements of this new view shouldn't require many script changes, if any.

The Changes

Add a new script:
We added one new script to DayBack. Find the script called "Show Project On Calendar (ProjectID)" in the new DayBack file you downloaded. Copy that script and paste it into your existing file to add it.

Update the following scripts in your current DayBack File (Your file if you have done an embedded integration), but don't delete the scripts themselves. Rather, use the "Select All" command to select and delete the entire contents of each script, then copy/paste the updated contents of each script from the new version of DayBack into the corresponding scripts in your DayBack file. You may get an error when opening both files at the same time. This is expected and you can just say "OK" to those errors before continuing. Here are the scripts that need to be updated this way:

Set Webviewer ({Message})
Translate Mode For Web
Translate Mode For Pro Cal
Go To WebViewer Calendar Layout ({Mode})
Refresh Calendar
Query Events From WebViewer
Submit Event From WebViewer
Substitute Character Dictionary

We made one small change and three additions to the "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup" script. If you haven't modified this script you are welcome to just copy the contents of the script and paste into your file as you have been doing with the other scripts. If you made changes please add the following lines that are highlighted in the screenshot below. These script steps can be copy and pasted from the new updated file.

startup-additions.png (185.06 KiB) Viewed 5037 times

We updated calculation comments in the step in the screenshot below, you are welcome to copy and paste the contents of this step so your file has the updated calc comments too.

startup-hide-menu.png (110.27 KiB) Viewed 5037 times

We also made a change to the Webviewer Settings script. Again, if you have not made any edits to this script feel free to copy and paste replacing the contents of the script. If you have made changes or want to play it safe you will just need to copy and paste replacing the contents of one calculation for a set variable. Edit the set variable script step "$sc_OptionsResult" as shown in the screenshot below and replace the contents with the new DayBack file.

webviewer-settings.png (87.12 KiB) Viewed 5037 times

Finishing Up:
Close the new DayBack file you used to copy the script contents from.
Change the build number recorded in the database. Navigate to "File -> Manage -> Database" then go to the "CalendarInterface" table. Change the "BuildNumberCalc" calculation to read "9.61". Click "OK" to save those changes.

If you renamed your events TO at the beginning of this process you can safely rename it back to what it was originally now.

If you haven't already, close the fresh copy of 9.61 you downloaded, then navigate to the "Settings" tab in the calendar sidebar and click "Account Settings". Click "Check For Updates". This button should change to "Install Update" and inform you that version 9.61 is available. Click "Install Update".

Please run the "Upon Opening" script in your file once the update process is complete. This will ensure all of the new settings load properly and the calendar loads with the correct data.

That's it, enjoy DayBack 9.61.

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