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I have 3 permission groups (priviledges) in my calendar: Group A is me with full access, Group B are my Admins with some higher priviledges, and Group C are the regular calendar users with no admin capability. What I want to do is too allow Group B to make new Status entries via the little "+" in the bottom right, but I don't want them to have any other advanced permissions like seeing the Account Settings button at the bottom of Settings. Not certain how I would enable that.

Further to this, I would also like to allow Group B to edit the status colours.
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Hi Jim,

If you'd like to prevent some users from getting to the Account Settings window, you can edit the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup...". Find the comment "Show admin settings" and set the following variable to False for the privilege set you're interested in. So you might do something like:

If ( Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) = "[Full Access]" ; True ; False )

After changing anything in this script, run the "Upon Opening" script to see your changes take effect. That's how to prevent Group B from getting into admin settings.

That will also hide the little gear next to the status colours, however.

If you wanted to leave that available for Group B, you'd want to pull the Admin Settings button manually. It lives in two places: in the three-dots menu in the upper right you'll need to pull that whole menu by adding "account settings" to the list of menu items to hide at around line 63 of the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup...". Right after the comment, "Hide menu items?".

To pull the blue "Account Settings" button from the left-hand sidebar, add the following to DayBack's CSS:

..sidebar-settings .btn {
display: none;

If you haven't played with the calendar's CSS before, you'll find instructions here: ... tingThemes

Getting into the CSS is fun. There are lots of example mods here: ... eMaker.CSS
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