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I am building a solution that updates the records in the SC package. When I make changes to the main file and model file offline I want to apply those changes to other copies that have data. To do this I empty the fields in each offline file and import those fields from the original. What's the best method to do this using the separation model of SC? Is there anyway to have the current index numbers imported as well? And do I need to consider the other files in SC that I didn't modify?

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This can be a pretty complex topic, Ken. But one strategy is to treat the main file and the model file differently. Replace the Main File (SeedCodeComplete) with your modified copy, there should be no need to import records since the records in the Main File aren't data, they'd interface records for things like selectors and filters.

Then in the Model File you'd import data into your new copy before deploying it.

Let me know what you're trying to accomplish with "importing index numbers as well" i.e. Is there a FileMaker calculation you're using that's not working after you import your data?

As far as other files, you don't need to worry about files you haven't changed or renamed.

Let me know more about the indexes and I'll try to get you a more specific reply. By the way, SeedCode is closed from Friday, December 22nd through the New Year; we'll be open again on January 2nd. There will be someone checking email in case of emergencies, but for routine correspondence we'll be back in touch as soon as we reopen. I'm sorry for the delay.

Have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!
John Sindelar

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