Push failure only on some tables.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:28 am
Hi, I'm getting an error 101 on pushing some child tables.
Oddly, a parent table set for round-trip pushes successfully. The child tables, which are set only for Push do not.

I resolved one problem: There appears to be a 100 char limit to variable names in Let, so a TO with a 101 char name caused the Evaluation of $$gz_Cache_LayoutDefinition to fail. The resulting data package just contains <!EOE!>, although there are records to send and the IDs have been successfully collected. After shortening the TO name in the mobile file, the data package is built correctly. So, Serialize Layout is now successful.

But that was not the cause of my problem, apparently. Send Up Package still fails. Previously, null was being passed to GoZync::PrimaryIDGlobal because the package was empty, and now that has a valid UUID. However, Set Field [Inbox::Package] fails with error 101, even though "Allow Creation of Records Via This Relationship" is checked. Not sure what the problem is.


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