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I've been playing around with this today, and so far It's looking very useful. There are just a couple of customizations that I don't seem to be able to make though.

The most troublesome one is that the new window search layout that is triggered when a search is run from the home screen sits on the original layout for some seconds while the search runs in the background, before displaying the search results listing. As I have an extremely large data set, even ensuring all my fields are indexed, the search can take several seconds.

Looking at the test file with the script debugger I can see it is doing this also, but just too quickly to see.

How do I force the new window to display the search layout while the search is calculating? I've tried adding a 'go to layout' script step after the new window step, but for some reason it seems to be stepping over it.


Thanks. My users are going to be very exited by this.

EDIT/*Possibly a related problem, I'd like to open the search window as a second window on the solution startup. I can do this, but I'd like to clear the search results on first opening. Can anyone give some pointers on how to do this?*/ EDIT
Figured this last part out - very straightforward in fact - added the supplied Clear Search Criteria and Clear results scripts to my open script.

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Glad you got the part about clearing the previous search figured out (just run the "Clear Results" script). You won't be able to force the new window to display the results until after the results exist, so a better solution might be to draw that window off-screen at first, then reposition it after the queries have been completed. HTH -Jeff

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