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Applicable Versions

CC Calendar for FileMaker 7 Free, Full and Pro Versions.

What's in the New Version

Version 5.31 of the Pro Calendar for FileMaker 7 introduces a few changes based on our users' experience with FileMaker Server 7.

    Speed: A new option masks the background calendar information when new appointments are created so that the new appointments are displayed more quickly without waiting for the background calendar to redraw.

    iCal Export: Web publishing read-only calendars has been improved with some script changes that really simplify the calculations involved, while at the same time making appointments which have only a start time (and no end time) look better in Apple's iCal.

    Bug Fixes: We've corrected a bug that could delay the appearance of newly created records when using FileMaker Server 7.

    Bug Fixes (Pro Only): This version fixes a bug where Yearly Repeating Events would eventually begin repeating on the 1st of the selected month(s) instead of on the correct date.

Licensed users of CC Calendar for FileMaker 7 may email support@seedcode.com to request a free copy of Version 5.31

If you'd like to enact the bug fixes in your copy of the calendar, step-by-step instructions may be found in the "Mod" and "Bug Fix" posts in this forum.

Please feel free to post comments or questions to this forum.

John Sindelar

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