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Hi - I'm using SeedCode Complete. I'd like to display Users instead of Resources on the Calendar Schedule. I know several users have been directed to the link below but I don't see the CCCalAppts table. Can this be done in SeedCode Complete?

I'm setting up a scheduling program for a medical office.
Users = Doctors
Resources = Offices/Rooms
Contacts= Patients

I'm trying to display the schedule for a Doctor as well as for a Room (2 tabs).

SeedCode Staff
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Sounds good. So the post you're referencing was written for an older version of the calendar: you just have to use the new table and field names to get this to work.

(This is one of my favorite mods for our calendar!)

So step A should read...

a) In the Appointments, change the definition of ApptResource_kf_Calc to be ApptResource_kf & "�" & "-" & "�" & ApptUser_kf

(Those �s should be paragraph symbols.)

The rest of the instructions are fine as is.

Note that you don't really need two "tabs" for this. You just need two buttons: one that sets Filters::FilterResourceType_kf_Glob to "People" and one that sets it to "Resources" (or whatever your resource types are named.) Of course you can use the existing resource type filters to toggle between these two, but I like the idea of making it look like tabs with a couple of buttons.

Just be sure that after you set the Filters::FilterResourceType_kf_Glob field to the correct resource type you call the script "Filter - Pass Filters".

John Sindelar
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Thank you very much, John, just what I was looking for!

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