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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:58 am
Is it possible to setup two zulu_filterkeys for a Calendar? I have it Filtering by user, this works well. I would like to add a separate calendar based on the same table that Filters by user and status. So that the user see all of his items that are late.
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Hi Bruce,

Sorry for not responding to this post earlier. We had some trouble with our mail notifications that new posts came in, and a few got by us :shock:

Unfortunately you can't do this. One possibility is to use a multi-line value in the filter field and search on it that way, i.e. concatenate the user and status into a single value.

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I'm using a multiple-value filter with good results. Created an auto-enter calc field that concatenates the results of two other calculations. One has to force that calc to fire of course. For each record in the zulu calendar list, I fill in the staff ID, the bar separator (which is in my auto-calc), and the desired value of the second filter.

One could do this with as many values as you wanted; but rather than do that, I've combined multiple tests into the second underlying calc and specified a binary result, so that the desired filter is always of the form nnnn (staff ID) bar 1.
Brian W. Smith
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SeedCode Staff
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Thanks Brian,

Good stuff!

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