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PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 2:39 pm
Hi Support,
I try to learn some sql in filemaker and use your product.

I have an invoice table "pv" pedido de venda, which is connected to itself because I sometimes have MASTER-invoices which have sub-invoices. This is a SELF relationship.. in the same file there is a pv_id field and a fk_master_id. The pv's have line items.. pv_itens which have a foreign key to connect to pv.. So far so good..hehe

Masters never get invoiced.. but the sub_pv's get. Now I would like to pull the quantities sold of a product that is on the master invoice, to show up... seems like a normal sql thing..

If i enter pv (a) with inner join to pv_itens.. and pv (a) to pv(b) also a inner join.. I cannot make it work.. Any hints?
...sorry..it is actually not sqlexplorer question anymore.. more a sql question..
anyway..hints welcomed..
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SeedCode Staff
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Hi Pierre,

I'm in no way a SQL expert, but I'd start with simple joins like the ones in our examples and gradually add more / get more specific debugging the errors as you make small changes.
John Sindelar

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