(and 15% off on upgrades) Sale runs through the end of the day Jan 1st, 2018

FileMaker Calendar

DayBack Calendar for FileMaker

The Calendar You’ve Been Waiting For

DayBack is available on subscription or as an outright purchase–subscribed users get in-app updates for the life of their subscription; purchasers get them for one year.

The year-end sale is 25% off the outright purchase price or 25% off the first year’s or month’s subscription, depending on your plan. (Upgrades from older versions of the calendar are also on sale.)

Already Have Dayback?

If you’re already scheduling with DayBack Calendar you can take advantage of the sale in two ways:

• Extend your in-app updates for another year, taking advantage of new features like the pivoted schedule view and iPhone specific layouts.

• Save 20% on adding DayBack Online to your deployment. If you’re already using DayBack for FileMaker, you’ve already created the fields and layouts that DayBack Online requires, so it’s easy to give your users a calendar they can use when they’re away from FileMaker. Works great in mobile browsers too! DayBack Online also enables sharing.

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SeedCode Complete

A Starter Solution for the Real Word

SeedCode Complete links DayBack calendar to Contacts, Projects, Purchase Orders, and Invoices. It offers a framework for creating new FileMaker solutions that gives you elegant behaviors but is still simple enough to get inside and modify.

Layouts are now completely themed and greatly simplified, making the whole template much easier to modify and extend, while still taking advantage of new behaviors like sliders and popovers.

Now Includes DayBack Calendar


The new SeedCode Complete includes a tightly integrated copy of DayBack Calendar specifically customized for Complete. A new, simple gantt chart makes balancing your workload much easier.


Google Maps for FileMaker


Maps and Routing for your Found Sets

“Map View” for FileMaker: add scriptable maps to your FileMaker Pro solution. Designed to be modified, you can paste a map into a layout you already have. The latest version includes routing and shaped finds for searching right on the map.


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Scriptable, Reliable Sync

Built solely in FileMaker Pro, without plugins, GoZync lets you script your sync so users only get the records they need. Zync’s “Field Level Merge” means you only need to sync the data that’s changed on each record. It’s the most easily modifiable, most transparent, and most well documented sync method for FileMaker Pro and Go.

Go offline with GoZync for $299.25 plus $74.25 per device (regularly $399 / $99)

Unlimited Device license for $2,250 (regularly $3,000)

 Buy the Unlimited Device license of GoZync: 25% off


All other SeedCode templates are also on sale.
Check out the full list and buy yourself something your users will love.

Have questions? Get in touch: we’re here to help.

DayBack Calendar
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