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Note: many of these files are zipped and won’t make sense when downloaded to a mobile device. If you can’t get a file to download, please visit us from your desktop/laptop browser.

SeedCode Calendars

New DayBack Calendar

1.61 MB 11181 downloads

Beautiful drag & drop calendar for FileMaker 13. This 30 day trial is completely unlocked so you can play around, get under the hood, and add this calendar to your own file. Learn more about our newest FileMaker calendar.

SeedCode Subscribe

357.05 KB 4533 downloads

Publish read-only calendars from FileMaker Sever to iCal, Google Calendar and iOS without stress or plugins. Demo lets you publish watermarked versions of your own records without installing anything. Learn More.

Templates for New Solutions

New SeedCode Complete Demo

26.8 MB 6540 downloads

A locked but functional 10-day demo of SeedCode Complete, the head-start for new FileMaker databases with Contacts, Projects, Invoicing linked to DayBack Calendar. Completely rethought for FileMaker 13-15 and WebDirect. Learn more about Complete.

FIleMaker Pro: Free 30-Day Trial

Download from

Download a 30 Day Trial of the latest version of FileMaker Pro. This lets you explore SeedCode's templates in the new FileMaker 14.

Sync Framework

GoZync 5.08

4.47 MB 15231 downloads

Add syncing to your FileMaker Go databases. The free version will sync a single table with up to 10 devices. Purchase a license or turn on the in-app demo to enable Pro features, syncing any number of tables.Learn more.

 Zynced Apps

GoMaps Demo

2.73 MB 4675 downloads

A locked demo of the GoMaps example file for iPad. Syncing is disabled in this demo:  download GoZync to see sync in action. Learn more about GoMaps.

TimeZync Demo

430.51 KB 4064 downloads

Locked, time-limited demo of TimeZync: both live and offline versions. The demo runs for 10 days: syncing is disabled in the demo, so if you want to see what a sync feels like, checkout the GoZync Demo. Learn more about TimeZync.

More Bolt-On Solutions

ProMaps Demo

6.72 MB 5257 downloads

A locked demo of ProMaps for your desktop solutions. This file has design access removed so you won't be able to get inside and change it as you can in the purchased version. Learn more about ProMaps.

FMChat Demo

1.64 MB 5225 downloads

A locked demo of FMChat, though you can enter users and start chatting in this demo: it just expires in 10 days. Learn more about FMChat.

Note: on Windows, once you’ve downloaded the file be sure to right click the .zip file and select “Extract All.” Be sure you’re working with the extracted files and not opening files from inside the .zip itself.

Free Solutions

SQL Explorer


Learn FileMaker SQL using FM metaphors you already know. This tool helps you write SQL queries against your own data and then copy them as FileMaker calculations. Winner of "Solution of the Year" at FileMaker DevCon 2012! Learn more.

DevCon 2015 Demo Files


594.38 KB 1601 downloads

From Jason Young's Insert From URL session at DevCon 2015. A "Mobile First" app demonstrating how FileMaker can interact with the DropBox API using the Insert From URL script step. The first of a series of blog posts on this file is here.

Selector-Connector Example Files

14.9 MB 1670 downloads

From Jason Young's Data Modeling Session at DevCon 2015. An accompanying blog post walking through these files can be found here.


398.60 KB 858 downloads

From Jason Young's Insert From URL session at DevCon 2015. An example of dragging a VCard into a FileMaker container and then parsing the data via an Insert From URL technique. A blog post describing the technique is here.

Free FileMaker 13 & FileMaker 14 Demos

WebDirect Example File: DayBack Online

145.49 KB 715 downloads

An unlocked example showing how to pass commands and filters into DayBack Online from buttons or scripts in your own WebDirect solution. A blog post about this can be found here.

Navigation Sidebar

150.56 KB 3110 downloads

An animated navigation sidebar built with FileMaker 14's button bar. Keeps in sync with new layouts automatically. Details and a short video here.

Hover Tricks

166.08 KB 3395 downloads

Demonstrating a couple techniques for making more engaging buttons with On-Hover techniques in FileMaker 13.

JavaScript Functions for FileMaker

172.47 KB 3383 downloads

From DevCon 2014, this file compares a classic custom function written three ways: basic FileMaker recursion, "tail" FileMaker recursion, and then writing the function in javascript... which can be substantially faster. To see how fast, check this out.


343.84 KB 4935 downloads

Demonstrates how to use a webviewer as a JavaScript calculation space to perform calcs that might be slow in FileMaker: in this case, parsing csv into json. Jason Young describes this in detail on our blog here.

Animated Slide Panels

565.49 KB 5335 downloads

A cool demo of how to slide-in layout elements using animated slide panels in FileMaker 13. Full description of the technique on our blog here.

Animated Button Example

200.00 KB 5195 downloads

A sexy switch that slides from off to on just like in iOS. Made with animated slide panels in FM13 and pretty simple. Movie of this in action from our blog.

Drag & Drop Example: Airplane Seating Demo

228.42 KB 3543 downloads

A great little demo from DevCon 2009 showing how to create a grid of buttons without having to edit the script parameter for every button. Also a tidy demo of doing drag & drop. =)

DayBack Calendar
Download DayBack and we'll send you a couple short emails with tips on how to modify it and use some of the coolest features.
Thank you! Please download: DayBack Calendar
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Need More?
SeedCode tips & example files in your inbox
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Download TimeZync and we'll send you a couple short emails with tips syncing your FileMaker Go files.
Thank you! Please download: TimeZync
Want More?
Be the first to see articles and tips like these