Link a Calendar to Your File

Our award winning calendar is easy to integrate with your ongoing project.

Customize the display to your specifications, edit the layouts, change the look and feel to match your work.

The calendar is unlocked, and built solely in FileMaker with no plugins and no html: giving you a head start on your development and quickly adding sophisticated features to your project.

FileMaker Calendar Template

FileMaker Calendar with Resource Scheduling

SeedCode Calendar

Effortlessly manage your FileMaker dates and schedules in this drag and drop FileMaker calendar. It links to your data, and is customizable to your needs.

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Face-off: FM12 vs 11

Checkout the differences between the FM11 and FM12 versions in this face-off

Testimonial - ProCal 4

I've enjoyed working with your products. It's been fun. You've helped me create some really helpful stuff for my small medical practice.

— Mark Nelson

Testimonials - ProCal 3

My Client loves the Calendar. I am using it to enter in their chartered flights and it is so easy. They can make flights for the whole month. (they can select the days.) I didn't need to train them at all. I used the Blank tabs on the event window to list all the passengers and I took the graphics and put them around the database.

— Oreste Schiavone

Testimonials - ProCal 2

SeedCode Calendar Pro was exactly what I needed to find that weekend as a basis for my admissions marketing solution for my school. And at a great price for saving weeks of work!

— Dave Fearon

Testimonial - ProCal 1

I’ve just finished integrating it into my own solution... I had no problems whatsoever in doing so rather quickly ! ...Overall, I’m very impressed.

— Steve Wright (more testimonials)

Vertical Market License


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The Vertical Market License permits world-wide multi-site distribution of SeedCode Calendar tightly integrated into your own solution. (In contrast to the single site licenses.)

  • Completely unlocked for you to integrate into your own file
  • There are no per-seat or yearly charges
Site License


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This site license enables you to put the calendar in a file on your FileMaker Server or Host and share it just as you do your other FileMaker files.

  • Completely unlocked for you to integrate into your own file
  • There are no per-seat or yearly charges
Upgrade Pricing


Upgrade to the latest Site License from an older version.

Upgrade to the Vertical Market License from Pro: pricing.

Need the calendar in a Web Browser?

We're finishing up an add-on for our Pro Calendar that will run in FileMaker's Web Direct. Check out a preview here. This will be a free add-on for folks who purchased the Pro Calendar after mid March, 2014.

Notifications Built-In

The calendar includes a rich notifications system so you can let people know about upcoming appointments by email--or if you're clever, by SMS. Learn more about the options available here.

Requirements & FAQ

The Pro Calendar ships with both FM11 and FM12-13 builds. The FM12-13 version includes layouts optimized for FMGo on iPad.

More details available in our docs.