DayBack Calendar keeps getting better. The latest in-app update brings to FileMaker some of the new improvements we developed for Salesforce.

Remember, in-app updates let you take advantage of what’s new without re-integrating DayBack into your files: most updates are just one click away. Some, like this one, require a few changes to FileMaker scripts.

Check out what’s new below, get the update, and build a schedule that helps you keep your promises.

What’s New in this Update

iPhone Optimized Views

Turn to DayBack wherever you are with mobile views tuned for FileMaker Go on iPhone. The screenshot below shows the FileMaker Go toolbar and menubar visible…


…and DayBack looks even better on Go with the toolbar and menubar hidden by your startup script:


iPad Improvements

You’ll now find it easier to drag and scroll on all touch devices without accidentally editing your event. Tap and hold an event for a fraction of a second to drag it, or just start swiping to scroll.



You’ll have a more accurate and complete calendar when it’s easier to make new events: create events right where you want them by drawing the “plus” button to any cell in the calendar. Quickly create events for a specific time or resource. (Like all the following features, this works on both desktop and mobile.)




Work more quickly, knowing that if you do make a mistake you can now undo your last change:



Read-Only Calendars

Declare any calendars (tables) to be read-only and DayBack prevents drags and other edits to such calendars. And since you apply this read-only tag in a FileMaker script, you can make the same calendar read-only for some users and read-write for others.



Cancel vs Delete

We heard you tell us it was disorienting to see “Delete” as an option for new events you were creating; in these cases you’ll now see “Cancel”.



Calendar Specific Colors

Make your schedule more readable by creating a default color for each calendar source. These default colors will still be overridden if an event gets a status color.


Extend your in-app updates

If you’ve purchased DayBack Calendar on a monthly or yearly subscription, you can download in-app updates for the life of your subscription. If you purchased DayBack outright, your free updates end after the first year.

Not to worry, you can purchase an additional year of updates by selecting one of the options here: Extend In-App Updates


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