Company Contacts

Creating Additional Contacts for the Same Company

One of the easiest ways to do this is simply to duplicate an existing contact for that company: the link to the company will be preserved.

Note that the "Contacts SeedCode 1" layout offers a portal of Contacts for the Same Company that you may wish to paste on one of the contact layouts...

Also check out our comments about deleting contacts and how this affects contacts related to a company.

How are Companies and Contacts Related?

Both companies and contacts are records within the same table. The are related based on a "self-join" between the record' foreign key, "ContactCompanyID_kf" and the related record's primary key, "ContactID_kprime".

On the contact's Overview tab you'll see a checkbox called "this record is a...". If "company" is checked here then:

This record may have a company name typed in its company field; and
This record will show up in the list of companies to which other contacts may be associated.

If "company" is not checked, then you may not type a name in the company field, but must select a company from the list of possible companies if you want to associate this contact with a company.

Note that you can set the default behavior of this "this record is a... company/contact" attribute on the Settings section of the About tab.

A couple tips

If most of your contacts as small businesses or sole proprietors with whom you generally deal with just one person, you'll probably want these record to have both company and contact checked. This way you can give the record a person's first and last name (as your primary contact) and type in the name of their company. This gives you the convenience of just having one record for this entity and, should you need to record additional contacts for this company later, you already have the entity recorded as a company.

If you're dealing with a lot of larger companies where you have tons of contacts at each place. You'll likely want to create one company record for the institution. This record would have company checked but contact unchecked and would only have a company name, not a first and last name...

You'd then create separate records for each of your contacts at the company (these records would have "company" unchecked), selecting the company name as the company for each. One advantage of this is that you only have to record the company address and phone once and its available on each of the contacts' records, along side their own address and phone information...

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