Version History

What is the latest version of SeedCode Calendar?

The version number for your copy of SeedCode Calendar can be found at the bottom of the About tab.

The latest version is 3.17 (5/3/2007) We reintroduced "Use System Formats [On]" to the solution's opening script and set the printing Gantt Chart layout to view-as-list so that printing "records being browsed" is the default. We also changed some of the calcs that govern the red lines displayed on the Gantt Chart. Information about fixing those calcs in your copy can be found here:

Version 3.16 (1/6/2007) This version fixed a bug in the creation of repeating events using the nth weekday of the month (like the 2nd Tuesday of the month). Instructions for making this repair in your copy can be found here:

Version 3.15 (11/1/2006) This version fixed a bug involved in printing from the Fancy Week View. We'd acccidentilly disabled the "Show Omitted" script step (you can re-enable / recreate this in your copy ). This version also redid some of the sample data for Gantt Charts and changed the Upon Opening script to make the sample gantt data look better.

Version 3.14. (10/28/2006) This version removed the validation on end dates, fixed a bug in the fancy week view that would sometimes prevent going to the correct week. Also made numerous small changes to reduce flashing on XP. Instructions for the bug fix can be found here:

Version 3.13 (9/13/2006) .This version fixed two bugs. One caused the week numbers beside the mini calendars on the day view to display the wrong number in some cases when the week was set to start on Monday. A second bug involved closing windows when there were no records visible in list view. Instructions to make these repairs in your copy can be found here: and here

Version 3.12 (8/22/2006) This version changed the name of the file to "SeedCodeCalendar" from "SeedCodeContacts"-- just seemed more clear that way. We also added some trim() auto enter calcs to the first name, last name, and company name fields to remove the trailing spaces that always seem to end up in names. Finally, we saved a compacted copy of the file-- something everyone should do.

Version 3.11 (8/15/2006). This version fixes a bug in filtering by project on the scheduling tab: you can find instructions for fixing this bug in your copy here:

Version 3.1 (8/1/2006) Version 3.1 was our inaugural release at DevCon 2006.

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