Hidden Panels

Video Overview

Working With Hidden Slide Panels

The Layouts in SeedCode Complete are designed to be as easy to find your way around as possible, but the hidden slide panels we use may not be that obvious at first.

Main Slide Panel: Goes from the right edge of the navigation bar to the far right of the layout. It slides to Edit Mode, Find Mode and the Selectors needed on the layout. Click the very right edge of the layout to select this control and navigate through the individual panels.
Detail Slide Panel: Goes from a little past the right of the sidebar to a little bit short of the edge of the above main panel.
Note Slide Panel: Surrounds the Notes & Attachments Portal that lives on most layouts.

A trick we like to use to work with these panels is to make a temporary change to the style. For Example give it a big red Outer Shadow to make it easier to find and then revert the changes to the theme when you're done!

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