Event Popovers in Web Direct

Note: Support for FileMaker Web Direct is included in SeedCode calendar version 7.23 and higher. Check out our version history for more.

Where does the calendar use popovers... And how can I edit the popover contents in layout mode?

Where the FileMaker Pro version of our calendar shows event details in a new window (click on an event and you see it in a small new window) the Web Direct interface shows the selected event in a popover.

There is one of these popovers on each Web Direct layout, but they are all identical. So you can edit and format one of these popovers and then copy and paste it onto each Web Direct layout (be sure to delete the popover there before you paste the new one in).

Check out this video for an overview of how to work with these popovers:

  Editing Popovers in the Web Direct calendar

Here are some more tips to help you out:

Object Names. Be sure you delete the popover already on a layout before you paste your newly edited one down there: these popovers have object names on them and you won't want to create a name like "popover copy" which won't work with our scripts.
Finding the Popover. These little guys are invisible in layout mode but they're always in the same spot. Here is where to find them in the Web Direct layouts WITH a side menu:
And in the layouts without a side menu:

Popovers and Additional Sources


Because you may have multiple sources in the calendar, you'll need a separate section of the popover for each source. The fist of these additional sections has already been created for you on a slide control within the popover:

To get to this slide control, enter layout mode and open the popover by double clicking on it (see "finding the popover" above if you're stuck). Now double click on the light blue area behind the close button in the upper right hand corner to reveal the slide control setup. Here you can slide from panel to panel and even create new ones.

New Sources

When you make a new source, open the popover as described above and make a new panel using the slide control setup. Give the panel an object name using the number of the sources you're creating it for: If you're creating it for source number three, call it "EditSourceNo3" (without the quotes).

Now add your fields to the popover using fields from the table you related to "CalendarInterface".

You can copy the Save and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the popover from one of the other panels--these buttons (and the scripts they call) are the same across all the popovers regardless of source. Just be sure you copy the slide panel the buttons are contained in (see the "x"s below) and not just the buttons =)

What if I want to edit my event in a layout instead of a popover?

Some users have very detailed layouts for editing their events and would rather just use those than recreate that as a popover.

To accomplish that, edit the script "Click in Event: 13 ( column )" and you'll see that the first SetVariable line there determines if you'd like to use a popover or your own layout for editing. Change that from "popover" to anything else to use your own layout.

Then edit the script "Jump to Event in My Layout ( Event ID )", following the comments there, to decide which layout to use for each source (table) you have.

Note that you can also have your users start with a popover and then jump to your layout if they really want to dive into editing. Learn more here: jump to my event layout. When asked for the event ID to use as a script parameter use the field CalendarInterface::Preview_SelectedID (that field only works in Web Direct).

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