Jump To My Contact

Can I jump right to my contact's record from the calendar?

Sure. On our Event Details layout you'll see a place to link a contact to the event. Now you may already have a mechanism for linking contacts to your events, but if you don't you can use the simple drop down list method we're using here (if you're not familiar with this, check out the value list "Contact" in our example file to see how we're showing the contact's ID and their name).

Once a contact is linked to an event, you'll see a green arrow beside "contact" clicking that will take you to the contacts record in the layout of your choice:

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The script we use on this button needs to be taught a few things about your contacts file. Edit the script "Jump to Related Contact's Layout ( Contact ID )" and follow the comments to specify your Contact ID field and you Contact layout.
The green button beside "contact" on our Event Details layout is conditionally formatted to hide the button when there is no related contact. That formatting points to fields in your events table so you'll need to visit and adjust this conditional formatting after integrating the calendar with your file.
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