Version History

What is the latest build of SeedCode Calendar.

The build number for your copy of SeedCode Calendar can be found at the top left of the home screen or in the field CalendarInterface::BuildNumberCalc.

The latest build of the Pro Calendar is 7.26 (Oct 20, 2014). This build fixes a couple of thing to speed up calendar opening from build 7.25. Both changes are easy to make in your copy and both are in the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup --- Edit Configuration Here ---".

First, find this line in the second half of the script "Set Field [CalendarInterface::RowsToShowGlob; 100]" and move that line up the script, right after the Set Variable [$$sc_LastRow; 36] step.
Next, find the comment "Turn PSOS off for the session. File is single-user so PSOS won't work anyway." towards the end of the script and replace the next "Else" line with an with "Else If" using the following calculation: Get (SystemPlatform) ≠ 4

That's it.

Build 7.25 (May 27, 2014). This is a major, paid upgrade that adds support for Web Direct and Perform Script on Server in FileMaker Server 13. You can add these changes into your existing calendar deployment....

1. Learn more about the new WebDirect and PSOS feature here: more info, screenshots, and movies.
2. Make sure you have at least version 6.17 or higher and bring it up to 6.25 first. (version history and instr below) Or simply purchase the upgrade and re-link the new version to your database.
4. Once you've purchased the upgrade, follow our migration instructions: for PSOS only, or for PSOS and Web Direct Support.

(Version 7.25 makes a couple of changes to 7.23 that only effect the calendar demo, folks using 7.23 don't need to do anything with 7.25)

Build 6.25 (April 18, 2013) fixes two minor bugs: Bug #1: Mini calendar doesn't redraw correctly when switching to a different month on an iPad. Bug #2: When you initiate a date change in an event from any view other than the Gantt view, the date change doesn't cascade to any other "chained" events from the same project as it should. Please refer here for specifics on the fixes.

Build 6.24 (November 25, 2012) This isn't something you need to worry about unless you're in Japan. We made a change to the gantt chart scripts so a newly cloned calendar (save as clone) could open to the gantt chart without showing incorrect dates the first time. To make this change in your copy, move the first set of scripts highlighted in blue here, to the position shown by the second set of blue lines.

Build 6.23 (November 23, 2012). This version reapplied styles to our portals to eliminate the heavy lines introduced on Windows with FileMaker Build 12v3. Here is a video on how to make the change in your copy. We also fixed a bug where making a new event from the list view behaved poorly when there was a found set. To make this change in your copy, edit the script "Create Edit Delete Event..." and find the comment "New Record"; there is an Omit Record step shortly after that... insert a Show All Records step right before that Omit.

Build 6.2 (October 20, 2012). We've added support for spaces in table occurrence names by quoting TO names in our SQL, including in project, phase, and ToDo names). We also Fixed an issue with date / time formats in international dates so we're now solely using numbered timestamps and changed the SQL code in omit filtering to alias and quote field names. If you want to make these changes in your copy, ask us for a copy of the latest build and replace the steps of the following scripts:

Build Filter ( SourceNo )
Read Event Dates by Number ( Number )
Cast Events as Variables - Build Query
Load records into Gantt Chart

Of these, only "Build Filter..." and "Load records..." are scripts you might have modified and the modifiable sections are pretty clear: changing colors at the beginning of "Load records..." and hard coding filters (which you may not have done) in "Build Filter..."

Build 6.18 (September 3, 2012). This build fixes a bug in the way project dates are displayed in the gantt chart. It's a great example of how some bugs are nearly invisible. A demonstration of the bug, and its resolution, are here: short movie.

We also changed two scripts, and you'll want to make this change as well if you ever want to change the default calendar tab to be something other than day, week, or month. The two scripts changed are "Load Calendar Layout" and "Refresh Calendar"; ask us for a copy of the latest build to replace these scripts. You'll usually not edit these two, but if you have, we only changed the line in each following the comment "...resets the $$sc_Mode..."

Build 6.17 (August 29, 2012) the time field on two of our "no side bar" layouts was not formatted correctly. To fix this in your build, copy the time field from the regular (the one with the side bar) day, week, or schedule view and paste it on to the "no side bar" version of the same layout. Or, simply edit the date formatting of these time fields, choosing a custom date format and setting all values to blank-- look at the date formatting on the regular layouts for an example.

Build 6.16 (August 19, 2012) our public, shipping build. If you have an earlier build, please ask us for a copy of the latest build and replace the steps from the following scripts in your build (replace all script steps):

  1. Load records into Gantt Chart
    Cast Events as Variables - Build Query
    Insert into Calendar - Write Event { No Content }
    Insert into Calendar - Write additional days ( Date )
    Collapse Side Bar ( Action )
    Switch Calendar Tab
    Build Filter ( SourceNo )

Build 6.15 (August 12, 2012). This build fixed a bug in the way we queries numbers via SQL when you mapped the calendar to your own filter fields. To make this change in your copy, edit the script "Build Filter ( SourceNo ) and add the two lines shown in blue here.

We also changed the way dates and times are formatted on the Event Detail view. To add this to your copy, ask us for a copy of the latest build, copy the nudge scripts and "Calendar Times" value list to your solution, then copy and paste our new time and date fields into your layout.

Build 6.14 (August 8, 2012). Our soft-launch build of the new SQL powered FM12 Pro Calendar.

Older versions have build numbers through 5.6 and those can be found here.

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