Active Projects

What makes a project show up in the "Active" list?

Projects are considered active when they have one of a few project statuses. By default we consider "active" projects to be those with the following statuses:

Sent Bid
Paid 50% down
Ready for Delivery

But you can easily change which statues are considered active...

Simply edit the script "Active Projects" and change the first SetField statement to include the statuses you'd like.

Can I restrict this to see just MY active projects?

Yes. Provided each of your staff is logging in with their own FileMaker account name, this is easily done. Enter layout mode and double click on the active projects portal (called "ProjectsSideBar_ActiveProjects"), you'll see that "filter portal records" is checked: click "Specify" beside that.

Follow the instructions in that calc to filter the portal down to just projects for the logged in staffer.

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