Where do I record staff members?

You'll find a simple table for staff on the Settings screen. If you add your staff members' FileMaker account names they'll be able to see just their items in Active Projects and "Pinned" contacts.

You may also want to record staff as contacts in their own right in the Contacts table, usually using one of the "tag" options to mark them as such. This way you can record multiple addresses, phone numbers, etc. as well as have them participate in all the other things you can do with "real" contacts: even invoice them. Of course if you only have a few staffers you may not need to enter them into Contacts at all.

Note that the staff "shortname" is the key used to link staff to events in the calendar, and to projects. Keep it short.

Who is logged in?

Our script "Record Logged in Staff" records the logged in user's Account Name and "shortname" in global fields upon startup. You can use this shortname to create behaviors specific to the logged in user as we do with pinned contacts.

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