Working with vCards

Importing and Exporting vCards

SeedCode Complete supports importing and exporting vCards, either individually or in groups. You'll see menu options for this when you're on the Contacts layout: select File / Import vCards or File / Export vCards.

Note that you can also import contacts by hand using our import utility and that you can email a vCard to someone by clicking "email vCard" in the right half of the header on the contact's layout.

Errors exporting: missing xsl file.

If you're seeing this error when exporting vCards, it is likely that you moved SeedCode Complete without moving the Extras folder that came with it. The seedcodeVCard.xsl file is in that folder. Simply place this file wherever you'd like (you can even place it on your web server and reference it with a url) and then change the reference for it in the "Export vCards" script in SeedCodeContacts. (You change the reference in the "Export Records" step near the end of the script. Click "Specify" next to "Specify Output File" and then click OK to get the XSL Options Settings.)

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