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PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 12:28 pm
I’m in the process of converting over a large (40mb) Excel spreadsheet into a FM database. This is the data for my boardgaming group and all related stats.

I found – online – this program ( However (1) it hasn’t been updated in 3-5 years; (2) it’s not being supported any longer. It does – probably 85% of what I want to do; but not everything. It’s created in Filemaker 5.5 (which I have) HOWEVER, it’s been converted into its own freestanding .exe, so everything I could look at – layouts, define fields, scripts – is all hidden.

The program is free (as will mine be…for personal use). I’ve written to the author; but my emails have gone completely unanswered – making me think the email address is dead.

So – with that in mind, I have a few questions. I’d like to do something similar to this, but I lack the ability to do so. I see that all his databases are interrelated, but I’m really unsure how he did this. The way _I_ did it, was to create several databases with repeating fields, which then require an import to another database to split the records. That’s still leaving me with some severe problems/questions however.

What I’d LOVE to do is figure out a way to see inside this program. Once I understand what he’s done, I could certainly emulate the mechanics inside my own program. Failing that, if anyone could explain, in plain English () what he’s done – and how he’s organized things, I’d be eternally grateful! 

I can send along my own creations – such as they were – so far, I anyone would like to see them. They’re pretty basic, however.



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