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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:38 pm
For almost 18 months, I have accessed our solution remotely through FM with very stable connections.

A few weeks ago, it began for all remote clients. The connection is slower than normal, and will last no more than probably 30 minutes (or much less) before the client loses communication with host.

This leads me to believe it is a server side issue. We've updated the server (Windows Server 2003), and have the newest version of FM Server 8.

Any ideas as to what may have caused this to become an issue all of the sudden?

Thanks in advance...

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SeedCode Staff
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This is *not* my specialty, but when we've seen this at client's networks it's been fixed by a) driver updates on the server (for all networking cards etc.), and b) new routers and switches. Guess the point is that it could be the server or the pipe- which starts at the server's network cards. I think you have to troubleshoot the whole pipe.
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