compatible business card readers for seed code and FM pro 9

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I am novice at all things computer and we have filemaker pro 9 with a seed code contact manager application. Is there a business card reader out there that I can purchase to enter contacts with? If so where can I buy it?
SeedCode Staff
SeedCode Staff
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Unfortunately I don't have any experience with business card scanners. I imagine, however, that they'll all at least scan to a comma separated file that you could then import into SeedCode or any other FileMaker solution.

Here are some notes about importing contacts in our Free contact manager: ... ingRecords

And in our Pro Complete version: ... ngContacts

Hope that helps,

John Sindelar
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I use Iphone to collect all business cards now. You can do the same on Android phone, computer or laptop
You can visit for detail information
Only creat one account on CardFila for use on Mobile phone and computer, laptop

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