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I've been asked to create a script where if the user starts to fill out a portion of a layout in Filemaker and then exits out of the application, whatever information they had started to fill out would still be there waiting for them when they log back in.

However, because Filemaker commits records automatically and because I can only use the Get(Account Name) function after a Create New Record line in the scripts, the best I've been able to do is have a fresh record every time a user logs in, or present the last record of the last person who logged in (which may not be the person who logged in, completed half the layout, and logged out).

I'm wondering, if we're planning on implementing GoZync, do I even need to try and work on this script or will GoZync already have such a functionality in place?
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I think the important thing here is how is a record marked complete. I would probably set up a field that is an auto-enter calc that get's populated with the account name Get (AccountName). I would also have a field for marking as complete (if you don't have criteria already). Then you could set up a script to run as a on layout load script trigger or if you wanted it to run when the file opens you could run the script from an "OnFirstWindowOpen" script trigger found in the "File Options..." under the file menu.

The script would then navigate to the proper layout run a find for the account name and not complete.

GoZync allows users to check out records so nobody else can edit them while the user has it checked out. You can also sync found sets. ... OutRecords ... gFoundSets

Both of those are part of a sync process though and it sounds like you want this to be something a bit more automatic.

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